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New Haven Living
December, 2012
"Japanese food seems ubiquitous. I'm guessing it's Connecticut's second most prevalent Asian cuisine, behind Chinese and ahead of Indian and Thai. Hibachi restaurants have been springing up like enokitake mushrooms on hackberry stumps after a summer rain."
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Best Sushi
The Yale Herald
December 3, 2010
"A few New Haven establishments have taken a stab at supplying students with decent sushi, and a couple have achieved moderate success. But when the local offerings are short of spectacular, you must consider outsourcing. Sono Bana is your answer."
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Best Japanese in New Haven County
CT Magazine Readers' Choice Poll
1998 - 2004

Best Japanese
in New Haven County
New Haven Advocate Readers' Poll
2001 - 2003 & 2005

WE DO DELIVERY  —  Everyday 5:00 pm ~ 9:00 pm
Minimum $30 + $2 for delivery within 3 miles (Minimum $25 + $2 within 2 miles)
Delivery area is limited (approx. 2~3 miles radius from Sono Bana Japanese Restaurant)

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